Sometimes, all you need is good GIF

After you’ve been told that you should know every system around you like the back of your hand, without any previous training, I have nothing to say but “I’ll show how valuable I… Continue reading

Tell me what i need to do

My son proposed over the holidays and she is just turned 21.  I think its too young and she is planing the wedding for next year. they lived together 0 days total. So… Continue reading

Need help-how to motivate teenager?

I need guidance on motivating my teenager.  She is afraid of life.  She does not want to even apply to collage because they might reject her.  She wants the safety of current friends,… Continue reading

Just Tuesday

There is always room for a little miracle, you just have to look

Good weekend starts Friday

It is so nice to be at the end of this week. Even though it’s been a short one for me, I still feel as if I worked the whole week and then… Continue reading

Tuesday afternoon thought

John Wooden said “you aren’t a failure until you start to blame” This is brilliant 

Sunday Morning

Good morning,  I am wondering why after a very productive day, you wake up with no energy.   Is it because of the age, or just the way the things are?  I got up… Continue reading

It’s been for ever

And here is another year came and gone.  I neglected this site for a very long time, but now it feels right to get back on this hourse. Today was a very good… Continue reading

Awkward! Famous Phrases We’ve All Been Using Wrong – Everything After Z by

can somebody tell me what to do

I have a 15 years old, who is not doing well in school and wants no help from me.  I check on her every day, remind her about tests, homework, projects, and when… Continue reading

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