The manners: based on your mood?

I was raised with proper basic manners imprinted in me.  It is not an option to keep walking when somebody is talking to you, greeting you.  It is not polite to pretend that you don’t see a person standing in your doorway and not at least say hello.

I was under the assumption that at least when you are greeting someone you will get a greeting back. As the realization kicked in, it’s not the case at all.  I can’t stop wondering why the same person will reply to your “good morning” yesterday, but today they will just pass you by in the hallway of the office that you had been working for the past 3 years-why is that? Is that a mood thing? It just feels so unnatural. Does it take much to say “Hi”?

I try to get my kids to use their manners and try to get through to their friends also, that when you come into the house you greet people who lives there, you don’t get into refrigerator that is not located in  your home, you say “yes sir/mam”, ” thank you” etc. How hard is that? The answer is it is very hard, mission impossible. 

In today’s world, are we so busy to greet people, to give some respect back to others, why can’t we stop for a few seconds and ask:” Can I have something to drink” and not get into refrigerator because we feel like it?