Grandma’s wisdom

From the early years that I can remember myself I remember spending a lot of time with my grandma.  She lived a few streets over from us and I visited her a lot. We talked about her youth, her meeting grandpa, WWII, my dad and everything else that was important at that time.

She had never left the house without making herself presentable.  Back then we did not have the variety of different creams and lotions, so we made our own, with all natural ingredients and very short shelf life.  But one thing she told me that stuck with me for the rest of my life was ” Take care of it while you have it”.  She was talking about the face, but that phrase carries a much bigger meaning.

If you think about it, it applies to all aspects of our life.  Take care of your family, take care of your friends, your relationship, because once its gone, its gone forever.  There are so many things we are taking for granted and expect them always to be available to us, that we neglect many of them.

When I read posts of where people had traveled, what they saw or did, I feel energized to go out there and do something, stop and smell those roses that everybody is talking about. And with my grand’s words twirling in my head I know it will be a fun ride.