Lunch Done right-TGIF


Every Monday I start with a though:” What will I have for lunch on Friday?” The wondering keeps me going through the week.  Well, today is Friday and I went to one of my favorite places -EatZi’s. Long and behold I was greeted with a beautiful variety of carbs.

crunch, crunch

But as we all know, we need a “balanced” meal, so I stopped by the “Off the Grill” selection, but guess what ended up in my basket….Tomato Focaccia, yes, more bread and it will be a perfect companion to a glass of wine this evening…red or red…

And to complete this amazing variety of gourmet food, we should defiantly expect the best and what can be better than a chocolate.  And not simple chocolate, the Christian Louboutin chocolate shoe ( that is not going to break your bank ).