Grandma’s Wisdom-part 2-Perseption

and so it was Saturday.  From 10 weeks before it, I already knew it will be stressful because I had my hair appointment in the morning, then I have to take my dad to the airport, so he can get home.  And few days before the weekend, I found out that I need to be in the office for a few hours-not a big deal, just  another thing to do-no problem.

Well, Saturday is here, so let the stress begin, and sure it did.  In the morning I stopped by the dry cleaners on the way to the hair salon, but it was closed-strike one.  Drinking my ice coffee from my favorite cup-it has a crack,it’s trash – strike two. Got to the salon 10 minutes late, and if you know me, I am very “on time” person, 10 minutes before the appointment-I think I am late-strike three.  My hair dresser came in another 10 minutes late – strike four.  Got my hair done and I see grayish color in my “new color”-stricke five.  At that point on my way to work and stock in traffic, on Saturday-can it get any worse? Yes it can, but at that point not for me.  Unfortunately, there was a big car accident on the road ahead of me, 4 cars I would say were totaled, airbags hanging out of the windows, broken glass-very sad picture.  And at that point I hear my grandma’s telling me :” Now, this is a problem, this is a bad day, and not your broken cup or gray hair.  Let  the broken cup be the biggest problem of your life.” 

Isn’t is interesting how we get consumed with our little issues and little problems?  So next time you spill coffee or kids gave you a haircut while you were sleeping, take a step back and tell yourself:” Let it be the biggest problem of your life”

And on this note, let’s have a good Monday and a great week.