I understand, but I am still sad

  I was trying to get my friend to get a job, but it did not work out.  I understand that the other candidate was better fit and all.

It is all games of who can be better presented or looks better on the resume. The truth is we as employees don’t know what we are getting into, even more than the hiring company.  Yes, we can look at the financials to some extent and may be see what their future will bring, but we don’t know the culture of the company and they will never tell you the truth during the interview. “How are the hours?”-:”Well, we have some instances that you might have to be here after hours, but it’s not often”. and the translation of that would be: you are here every other weekend and till 7pm during the week.

So I think that employers should lower their demand because in many cases they don’t have much to offer, but yet they toss you aside because you just don’t have the exact experience that they want.  I just think they also need to remember that brining over qualified person will not result in the long-term commitment, unless economy is still sick.  Employees are smart and we know our price, so as soon as… and we out.  I think companies should reevaluate their demands and get real.