Great Lunch and few hours before vacation

It’s Friday and I am ready for lunch.  On the menu today is Sweet Tomatoes-what can be better and healthier? I know, I know, if you load dressing and bread, and pizza, and chocolate pudding at the end it’s not as healthy as it could have been, but give me a break, it’s Friday.

 So let’s start with the base.  You have a choice of already mixed salads with few extras like strawberries  and dressing.  And then you have just greens-pick what you what and some that you don’t, it’s Friday.












Once you have your greens picked out, you have to through little something to make it yours, you have to own the food, right, so the choices are all in front of you-tomatoes, cucumbers, all kinds of beans, squash, zuchini…do I hear YAM?

I know you made the right choice there, so you can be proud and the scale will thank you. But there is a catch….dressing










And you have pick wisely or your whole notion of “healthy” will go right out the door.I know you have made the right choice and because of that a little cup of soup is in order. Since its little, there are practically no calories, so eat up.




What kind of lunch or any meal for that matter would it be if we don’t at least look at dessert menu-right.  Plus with all these “healthy” choices we just made, we can afford a little dessert, just a few spoons of sugar (makes the medicine go down).And that my friends is Lunch done right.

 And that my friends well done lunch.

So after this “healthy” meal, armed with anti acid pills, new camera, and tickets to Disneyland, I am going on vacation with my family. I am so excited and can not wait to share my new experiences with you.