The art of packing

We just came back from vacation and I have to admit that I am terrible in packing.  I did count the days, count the pairs of pants and skirts and shirts and shorts and dresses and few pairs of shoes-flats and walking shoes, and I thought I was covered and then some.  I was so wrong it hurts. The first few days were good because I had few things to choose from, but when we came to San Francisco, I realized that I did not pack right.

Let me tell you, it was cold. We had to get fleece so we can stay warm.  But midday were very pleasant, so I have to take it off.  I should have packed like an onion, so I can take layers one at the time. Or, and don’t forget the backpack to carry all your clothes in.

And for my daughter… I did help her pack, but she lived out of the suitcase opposed to getting everything out in the hotel room.  So needless to say, I forgot what was in her bag-poor kid.