The Paradise Drive

Few years ago (about 10+ years), not knowing each other, my husband and I visited this little town of Tiburon, California and ate at Sam’s restaurant, on the bay.  During our visit last week, he wanted to take us to this “cool” place for lunch and see the bridge from the other side of the bay. But he kept saying it was in Sausalito, and we went there and looked for this restaurant for a while, because he really did not want to ask for directions-the typical guy thing. And we did find it, but in the next town of Tiburon, and what a pretty place that was.  We went to Sam’s and had lunch on their patio, and yes, it was very cold. The town is charming and has very interesting boutiques along the main street.  We did some shopping and had some coffee and got the full enjoyment on the Paradise Drive.