Migrane-an advanture of your brain?


I have been suffering from migraines for a while now.  There were few medications that I had to try, and alternative treatments, and herbs were involved, but it seems that not much can really eliminate the headache for me once it’s on its way.

Yesterday I had yet another trip to the neurologist to discuss my treatments and after 45 minutes in his office I realized that nobody knows my headache better than I do, the only difference is that I can not give myself a prescription.  In the present day of internet and WebMD we became well-educated in subjects that affect our lives, and so did I in the field of my migraine.  I do know the triggers and they can not be eliminated.  I react to the changes in weather-barometric migraine, I react to stress-and I am not the only once, we all have this and nobody can eliminate it-its life, I react to hormonal changes-who does not, but the worst of all is chocolate.  I love chocolate and have to have it some what on the regular basis.  So that being said, I arm myself with medication that will help in case migraine will come to attack my ” happy” brain after chocolate indulgence.

That made me think, what if migraine is the way of our body to tell us that we need to slow down, that we need to stop and smell those roses, and not finish every meal with a candy.  Sounds good, but who will do all we need to do?  A few month ago I was reading an article in Yoga magazine that gave some ideas how to quite your mind before bed time and the one thing that really remained with me is to have pen and paper by your bed and write down your tomorrow to do list.  That way it will be out of your brain to worry about.  I know for a fact that I make my to-do list in my sleep, which takes away from the quality of my rest.

I really don’t know what path of treatment I am going to choose, but I know for sure, my brain needs some rest, down time, so it can take me on adventure of the dreams while I am sleeping ( and I love the one that I am flying, just have to remember to dodge those power lines).

P.S. have to schedule MRI-what a joy 🙂