Should be Friday, but feels like Monday-when life gives you lemons

This morning, I checked, it was Friday, great day because I have a girl dinner to look forward too.  Well, at lunch, while I was eating, my mom called and told me that she has this strange sound like something is hitting the roof.  Ok mom, how about check your tire. OMG, there is big nail-wow, who knew.  She tells me that she is going to try to make it home…no you are not lady, go and get a new tire.  So after a few minutes of arguing with me she goes.  Then i get a call while she is at the place and they about to charge her $ 170 for one tire, that costs $110.  I really don’t like when businesses become opportunistic with older people, makes me very angry. Anyway, all is well, new tire, lower cost, and happy grandma.

Not so fast, my girls night out had been compromised by an over scheduling on the part of one of my girlfriends really? she was the one pushing it and now she will be an hour late. What is the good side of this -more time with the other girlfriend.

I am determined to make this Friday a good day after all and dive into a weekend with a full tank of gas and all tires inflated. Have a lemonade!!!!

Happy Weekend!!! 🙂