Multi tasking-the good, the bad, and the ugly

Being a woman in the today’s world underlines that we are multitasking rolls of a mother, employee or employer, a wife or girlfriend, and a child to our parents.  How do we manage all these without getting burned? The answer is simple-we are not. 

I find myself being in demand 24/7 by one or another of these “tasks” and its exhausting.  I feel like a sandwich, being shoved between “bread” and chewed on from both ends.  The battle for my time is never-ending between my kids, husband and my mother (who lives with us).  The minute I get into conversation with mom ( and we do not speak English to each other), my husband chimes in-really, why are you interrupting.  I will be talking to my husband, and mom needs me-now, now…  And in the end guess who is getting the short end of that stick-me, because I don’t spend enough time with one, I am short with another, and I did not check kids homework.  My mother gets me worked up over kids not getting enough of my time.  I get home from work at 6:30, than dinner needs to be done, eat, clean, and guess what time it is-bath and bed.  Do I feel bad that I can’t oversee their homework every day-yes I do and I try to get better, but there are only 24 hours in the day.  I wish I can disappear for one day and let them be.  All these got me so upset today, that I went out for a run in 100 degree weather ( I do run normally, but in these temperatures I do it inside) so got burned.

I guess when you are performing multiple rolls, you get judge for every one of them. Does multi tasking equal multi faulted?