Healthy Belly or Flat Belly-and the winer is….


I find it interesting that many of women oriented magazines have belly fat in their headlines.  I understand that in my example I have 2 Health magazines issues, but even on the front page of Good housekeeping, or Woman’s day, if you just pay attention two issues are permanent-belly and hair.  We are upset with getting a flat belly and the perfect hair-is that all we care about? It seems oh so shallow.  I think health should be more than just belly fat.  Fat does not happen on its own, we do it to ourselves, so how about something that says :” Healthy habits…” or something along those line. 

We eat garbage and then expect to be fit-it does not work that way, garbage in garbage out. We need to decrease the size of our dinner plates, use our home kitchen more, and drink less sugar.  It is so simple, if you eat right, you will be fit.  On the personal note, some of us just can not have flat belly it will not happen because of some genetics or whatever else.  I think these headlines are not attracting new reader to the magazines, they just indicate what our society is focused on, and it is not pretty.  Yes, exercise is great, but for the reason of getting healthy, and the rest will follow.  We have the price set on the wrong goal from the beginning.

And no, I am not overweight, so stop hating, I am an average size and I do workout for stress release and I eat sweets and have wine and have no problems with blooming onion that will cost me 1,200 calories-so be it. But after that I will go to the gym or outside for a run or walk, I will move and not sit in front of the TV for the rest of the night.  I do have a little suggestion, and its an old news for some, but for the others it might be- have some hot tea after your meal, even if its 100 degrees outside.  It will help your belly for digest food better.  Just think about it- you eat hamburger or pasta or even a salad, all of that has fat as a part of it.  So you ate it and then drink cold Pepsi or Sprite-please tell me what will happen to the fat- it will harden- and that sounds nasty.  So to keep things moving along-drink some hot tea ( green is the best choice to make if you can). And you just might end up with better looking stomach, which will be closer to you then the others 🙂