Is it your heart, is it your stomach, or is it your….?

A few days ago I wrote about migraine and my journey with it.  Yesterday my neurologist called me to inform that my vitamin D is at very low-level and I should take supplements. No bog deal, right? Wrong, because off I go to the wonder world that internet is.  Google makes it very easy for you to find everything you need and even more of what you don’t.  Through reading various web sites, I learned that cardiovascular issues, neurological, liver and kidneys, and musculus are impacted by the deficiency. And that was yesterday/.

Today, on Yahoo Health I am reading an article about heard attached that masks as stomach pains and shoulder pains, etc. So between today and yesterday I think that all my organs in the cohoons with each other to create as many worries as possible.  I do remember from some movie ages ago there were 3 men in the boat reading medical encyclopedia, and the only symptoms that did not lined up with them was menstrual cramping.  I know, I know, I sound like a hypochondriac, but I don’t think I am, I try to brush my issues under the rug, untill I have to go to the emergency room, which is not good either.  But how can you identify what is really wrong?  If you have stomach issues, you look in where it hurts, not where is might be-right?

I do feel that with all the information that is available we can get easily sidetracked and overwhelmed with it, so when it will matter we will not react properly, and that is scary.  And with the cost of the trip to the emergency room many of us will not choose the right path.  Prevention is great, but if you are not sure what you have, what good what prevention will do?  If acid reflex is getting a treatment, and its your heart that needs attention -how would you know if you had been masking the symptoms?