The Hunger Games

I finally finished this trilogy and I have to say that is was anticlimactic, especially the 3rd book of this series.  In the beginning I kept thinking “Bella, you morphed into yet another world”.  The love triangle between Katniss, Gale, and Peeta is way to familiar.  But for the entertainment purposes I kept on reading.

In my head there were so many parallels running -15 republics, one Capitol, all work for the prosperity of it and the control maintained by military, or we can move to the other side of the ocean and you can use your imagination.

 To say there were no surprises in these book would be wrong.  The revolution was inevitable, the way the story got to that point had a few surprises along the way.  I read first and the second books pretty fast for me, within a week, but the third book was like pulling teeth, I could not make myself read it, it was an effort.  Thankfully, Amazon have the lending option, so I did not buy the books.  Would I recommend it – probably, just to say that you read it.  The third book was bloody and that  did not set well with me, the second was too much of “oh, who do I choose Peeta or Gale, Edward or Jacob ( oh, wrong book, sorry), and the best of three is the first one because it’s the most dynamic and unpredictable of all.