Healthcare/Care for Health or just another step into the unknown?

And it happened, Supreme Court upheld the individual insurance mandate…anybody suprised?

I am trying to understand this new adventure that we are going to encounter and I see few things that I like and some that make me upset, but I don’t know the whole bill.  The preexisting condition is a good thing because it is wrong to deny the coverage because somebody lost a job and subsequently lost insurance coverage, but had health issues-they should be covered – right, any objections to this? But what does not sits well with me is the mandatory regulation – you must buy an insurance coverage.  Did you know that universities now making a medical coverage as a part of your admission costs.  I know for a fact that you have to get coverage and a young lady, who is healthy, had to pay $2,000 per semester for an insurance that university provided, and she did not use it ever during her time at the university. Why was she obligated to do so?  I disagree with that standing.  Do we know if there will be options like ” just liability” for car insurance in the new healthcare insurance?

Lets talk about low-income people.  Why are we charging them and then, may be, at the end of the year you will get tax break – really? Will it be all my premiums that I paid or it will be $100 like what we do for eco-friendly appliances and home improvements ( you spent $15K for upgrading your house, make it enviromently friendly, and we might give you $1K, if you will qualify).  These people already struggling why are we putting more burden on them.  What will keep them from leaving their jobs and just get on the government programs where they will have nothing to pay at all?  Why are we promoting government programs that let people spend their entire lives without working a day? How is that good for our economy? 

I know the unemployment is high and many people don’t have another source of income but unemployment this is not what I am talking about. These people worked and contributed to the society.  I am venting about generations of people who find loops in the system and leave their lives at our expense.  I think if government will spent  some time in connecting systems, make them “talk” with each other, we will be able to decrease the deficit because a lot of people will be off the programs and will be forced to pay the fines.  I know that people get medical coverage for their kids through Medicare and their kids covered at 100% and they don’t pay a penny.  On the other hand people like me, we work, pay taxes, pay premiums, and even then our kids are not covered 100%, we will have to pay 20% additional in most cases – and how does that makes it fair?