Listen to the Universe- “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose on the planet”

I don’t even know where to start… Ok, few weeks ago we were driving through a mall parking lot and saw motorcycle learn to ride class.  It looked fun and I thought it might be fun a thing to do.  My husband already has his licence and I don’t, so let’s get a licence-right?

We had to be at 7 in the morning on the driving range for practice.  I would like to point out I had never been on the bike, or rode one, or knew what all the bells and whistles were.  Clatch-what?where? Do what with my left foot? Anyway, you got the picture-I was a blank canvas.  I ended up on Suzuki bike. It was nerve-racking, but I managed to start it.  That machine was refusing to work with me, it kept dying on me, I had a hard time keeping it going, the rpm’s were constantly going down.  Long story short – very frustrated and mad I finished the first 4 hours of “riding”, then we had classroom instructions-all good there. I wanted to quit, but felt bad of not finishing the course, so next day-off we go to the riding range.  I felt that I did a whole lot better that time and even ventured to the second gear, but at the end it did not matter because I was not doing a quick maneuver at the right speed, so no motorcycle licence for me.

I was, and still am, very upset.  I can blame it on many factors that do not include me, but it does not matter.  I will mark this off my bucket list and not venture into it again, at least for a while.  My husband was a little bit excited when I showed interest in bike riding, because in his head we were on the way to get a bike and start riding, and all that, but I guess the Universe is telling me something here….not your cup of tea dear, you should use the other ways of transportation, enjoy your car, wrong timing…..   Yes mam. ( I am still upset, it will take me a minute to recoup ).

Then I get a call from a doctor telling me that I have DDD ( getting old is not pretty, so we have you use a lot of pink to manage that process – Happy Monday!