I am sorry I spoiled you….


My son turned 16 yesterday and inevitably we have been discussing his first car.  My stand on this is that you get a job, any job, then you might get a car at some point.  We have three drivers in our household, so transportation is not an issue.  He tells me that he will not be able to get a job because of his football schedule and that somebody he knows on the team, could not get anybody to work with his football schedule demands, therefore no job.

I am pretty streight forward and I see what he is good at and what is not his forte, and trust me when I say he will not be a football player.  He had been in the game for at least 6 years now and still can not get on the A-team, not that I want him to. But shouldn’t this be obvious enough that its time to see that adventure aside and move on. He is an honor student and I am a proud mama, but enough is enough.  His ticket to college is academics and not sports.  He wanted to take summer class so he can get ahead, but yet tells me that he can’t graduate sooner because he needs more classes, but don’t have time to take them.  Hello, stop the football and take those classes or am I missing something. 

And the best part of all this is his demanding behavior for a car, like I owe him.  Why do kids nowadays feel that we, parents, owe them anything extra? Did I as a parent, in the attempt to provide him good living spoiled him rotten? I will hold my ground about no job no car issue, but this battle is driving me to earlier happy hours….