We all have done it….



We all have done it….talk back to the radio in the car.  When I was younger, I remember seeing more mature people in their cars talking, talking with passion.  I was wondering back then what were they doing?  Who are they talking too because there is nobody else in the car? Well, as my years of “rocking” in the car slowly winded down, I switch to the talk radio.  I very much enjoy listening to the news stations and political shows, and my favorite station by far is the book radio.  And guess what I do now in the car- I talk back to my radio.  I argue with political analysts, I argue with talk show hosts, and on and on. But the worst offender of all is my favorite station-book radio.  In the past they would kind of stay on the schedule, few minutes run over into the next hour.  And now it’s the whole different atmosphere, I think maybe they had management changes or something along those lines.  Shows start on time-which should be great, and it is up until the book you are listening get cuts in the mid sentence. NO, that is so wrong on so many levels.  You get into it; you are all in the different world….smack…we done here. Oh, that is so not right.  I understand the schedule idea, but either finish the sentence or stop a little before it; there is no need to go to the next paragraph just to fill the few seconds you have left. Can you imagine stopping reading in the mid sentence?  I so hope book radio will listen to their listeners and change their way, so we have less reasons to talk to our radio and just listen and enjoy.