A succulent succulent


I always loved succulent plants as a child and last night when I was getting a bug spray because caterpillars attacked one of my vines, I saw the display of this cute, chubby plants, and my minds went back a few years and then few more.  I told my daughter a little bit about this plants and she got excited, so we got one.

I have an old shell that come to me from my grandmother and I thought to use it as a planter, but it was small for the plant.  After a few minutes of trying different containers, I found this unused soup cup and-ta-da- problem solved.  We found few rocks that were used in other project before but now were just taking up space and rocks that my kids “found” in one of the caves-“ametist”, “emerald”-all the cool stones – you can see them on top-green, purple, light pink.  So now we have a little chubby plant surrounded by precious stones-what a charming life. 


Happy Friday