little guilty pleasures….

I have to admit that BravoTV network got their hooks into me pretty good… Hi, I am addicted to Real housewife’s shows, some of them, like Beverly Hills and Orange County and New York and the spin-offs Bethany anything…

It’s such a different universe for me that I feel like watching a SiFy.  All these women arguing, kind off fighting for the air time, trying to promote their product lines and trying to have “valuable” relationships on the national TV.  You know how you just can’t stop watching the train rack-its’ like that. dysfunctional relationships galore.  It makes me wonder are they really that way, or some common sence kicks in when the camera’s are off?

Last night the housewife’s of NY were on and they are acting like kids, one does not want to talk to the other and keeps walking away, the other one keeps going after the first one, just to annoy her – oh, this is so mature and so much fum to watch.  They do and say things that latter they are in complete denial of – do they know they are on camara?






But I have to tell you that Bethany is my favorite she is so neurotic,different, edgy, unconventional, that it’s hard for me not to like her.  I feel like I can relate to her is some instances.  On Yahoo Health yesterday was an article about how she keeps her figure and what she said really made me happy because it did not feel fake – she said that she eats what she craves and she lost more weight that way than when she did any diet in the past – great message, eat right and move-as simple as it gets.

So I guess everything in moderation would not be harmful, right? Will a little bit of housewife’s not be harmful to me – right?