The benefit of the limits

As far as human nature goes, we don’t like to be limited in anything.  We like our choices, most of the time, we pick where and how we live our lives, what we eat, what we watch, and how we entertain ourselves.  But we also know that there are limits that create structure that supports our “freedom” of choice.  The idea of limitless possibilities is wonderful and utopian at the same time. There is not such thing, everything and everybody have their limitation.  Which brings me to one interesting observation-Netflix.

Guilty as charged, I stream videos through Netflix que and watch them at lunch-it is wonderful, up until the point that the show you had been watching, trying to get into some what relative time reference with the current season, does not have any episodes but from 3 years ago-sorry dear, limited availability. The contracts that Netflix has does not allow them to stream the same episode as they have on DVD.  That being said, I was “forced” to look for something else.  I found BBC show “Kingdom” with Stephen Fry.  And what a pleasure it had been to watch this show.

The solicitor (Stephen Fry) from small town works on case that surrounds local area.  Each episode has its own plot which makes it easier to follow.  The characters that involved in the series are the same all the way through.  It is interesting to see that in the problem of big cities are not area specific, they do too impact lives every where, every small town, every person – we are all connected.   The producers were able to touch on so many different issues like environmental pollution, gambling, family issues, marriage, kids, parents, etc.  I found this show to be witty, touching, easy to follow and charming to watch.  Many cast members worked together in other productions, and that I think helps project better chemistry on the screen.  If you have time and the member of Netflix, watch this show and you will love it.


Just remember “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them”- Albert Einstein.