I thought I can do it….

I have a little side yard where I grow thing, without any order or extra planing.  I just do what sound good and fun there.  So as some point the idea of upside-down tomato plant looks pretty fun.  Long and behold I got the planter and the tomato plan for it.  It is very healthy and growing fast, and now it has flowers. What a joy, I will have my own tomatoes!…..Not so fast. First set of flowers died, and I though that it was because pollen was not transferred from flower to flower, butterflies were on vacation.  Ok, then the other set of flowers came and I decided to take over butterflies job. I armed myself with a painting brush and marched to my hanging plan.

  I worked hard between two flowers of my plant and my hopes were high, because how hard can it be, it’s just pollen.


As you can see, it is hard, because I could not do it, these flowers are not going to become tomatoes 😦


Pretty disappointed, I am going to “hang my weapon back on the wall” and let the mature take it’s course.

 And as far as butterflies, I will just take pictures and make 3d decoupage.