And let the odds be ever in your favor!!!!

What comes to mind when you hear the word “construction”?  For me it represents, stress, dust, stress, dust, stress, stress,…did I mentioned stress?

My husband decided to remodel our bathroom. Great idea if you have time to manage the process or have a trusted party to do so.  From our previous adventures in to “Lego land” of construction I knew that we are not successful at managing people.  That being said I warned him not to start till he can supervise the process, be home and not try to “communicate” his vision to me on the phone and then I relay the message to the constructor-it becomes a broken telephone-bad idea. My plea fell on deaf ears and construction started on Sunday.  They guy came in, took the old tile down, got the cabinets out and to my surprise cleaned up his mess-so far so good. Monday – he went to Lowes to pick up the vanities that we picked and did some plumbing-great again. Tuesday-had family issues, so he could not come-I understand, we are good, no problem. Wednesday-tile work begins. Did we provide him with what we think it should look like-kind of, because we left tiles in the pattern on the floor for him to see, but did we tell him that-no (it is very smart move…).  I got home last night and what do I see….shower is a leaning tower of Pisa, vanity is 6 inches shorter and tile is 12 inches lower than expected. I dial my husband, he is on another line and would not switch, and that was going for another 10 minutes. Long story short, tiles are off the wall, vanity has been exchanged, which computer showed was already returned ( that was fun), had to get manager involved, we are waiting on the constructor to show up today, which he did not yet, and there are more plumbing that needs to be moved around.  And all through this adventure, my other half kept asking ME, if I checked this or that, and why didn’t I.  

I know it was Wednesday, but a big Margarita glass called my name last night, and we became great friends yet again.