Can you please explain it again?


School is just around the corner and I am on the offence for now, trying to get ahead of it all, especially with my daughter.  She has been struggling in the past few years and we did a lot of tutoring and such, but I still feel that she is having a hard time.  And this year is the last one before middle school, so not much time left.

Few ladies at the office talked about math class that their kids going to after school and how they like it and how much it helped their kids, so I ventured out to look into it.  What a wonderful thing is Google 🙂 I had reviewed galore on the page in front of me, and the first one started with: ” She called my kid stupid…”, the next one: ” She gave my kid homework, does she not know we don’t have time….”, and my favorite was :” She yelled at my kids for doing his homework during her lecturing…” Just these three reviews and I was sold, I felt that I was reading about school that I went to, where teachers were not sugar-coating the facts, they were not searching for “the right’ words to tell our parents that we are not doing our work.  I know it might sound mean and political incorrect, but I have to ask: Are we so obsessed with “personal feelings” that we are not prepared to handle the truth?  I understand that we need to get our kids self-confidence up so they can face the world, but by telling them how great they are when in reality they suck does them no good.

So I did take my daughter to this math class for testing and she tested out a grade lower than her actual school grade.  How will this impact her confidence? When I told her that she will be going to this class she thought it is because she is stupid, my heart broke, and I was explaining to her that it will help her with math because in school they don’t have time to explain the same things over and over, they have to keep going. But why? Why cant the program be adjusted to work with our kids? Why we have special aid teacher directing traffic in the morning and not helping our kids? Why are our kids so far behind other countries in academics? Isn’t it time that teachers will have time to teach and not work for the test result, but for the knowledge results?

I am going to try to stay ahead of all this, but I know I will need help, so I set up a calendar for my daughter and included few of her friend’s moms in it, so they can update and edit the calendar with homework, projects, due dates and all, and I hope together we will survive this year and help our kids along the way.