The joy of 6 work days week

Oh how wonderful it is to be at the end of your work week, but for me it is not the case this week.  My Friday will be tomorrow.  We have a new program implementing in our office and testing have to be done in a pretty short time.  I don’t mind working, and very grateful to have a job in this economy, but the knowledge of having to come in tomorrow gives me no motivation to work today.  I have this procrastination little voice in my head telling me “why do it today, when it can be done tomorrow”.  Bottom line, I just don’t feel like working today. May be it’s the end of summer, school year starting, or just the knowledge that I have tomorrow to catch up, who knows 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow will good one way or another. Work for a few hours around lunch time and then go the pre season NFL football game and finish the day on the high note.

Happy Friday !!!