The most important day is today

A few weeks ago I got a little poster ” 5 Simple Things to Remember” and I make myself read it every day I get to work.

As for many of us, our kids started school this month and we are, in many cases, are very excited for them and us equally.  I am glad that mine will get back into their schedules of things and that will keep all of us in some type of order.  Friday was meet the teacher night at my daughter’s school.  It was crowded and loud but excitement was in the air.  We found her class and her teachers and the other thing we found that none of her friends are in the class with her.  After evaluating the classes selection I realized they grouped them by strong kids and not so much.  Well, my kid is in ” not so much” group, with other kids that have learning challenges.  I was mad because I felt  like she was cast aside.  After a long evaluation and “searching” for myself, I realized that it might be not a bad thing after all.  One of her teacher’s specialises in reading and she was her tutor last year, giving her help, and the other teacher is new, which is good too because she has no stereotyping set in her mind about kids in her class.  But even after all that, I still feel like a I failed my kid.  Well, I guess we have a lot of work ahead of us, I just need to get speed bumps out-of-the-way.

Even though my husband and I agree that our daughter needs extra attention and help, he does completely the opposite, may be he does not understand, but I am too tiered to explain the same thing over and over again.  I want her to study her multiplication tables, he tells her she can relax for 15 more min….she just got up 30 minutes ago, really.  And if I hear word “relax” one more time, I will lose it.

Another thing keeps happening to me, kind of like word “relax”, it too keeps coming around.  My dad went to Germany and posted a lot of pictures.  I was looking through them on the computer and told my husband that it look beautiful.  His reply to it was that he had been there and it was charming.  On my proclamation” we should try to go there some day” he told me that I would not like it and there is not much to do.  OMG, I hear that phrase every time I want to do something – I’ve been there,there is nothing to do, you will not like it.  Why he thinks that he knows what I would and would not like.  Ok, looking back at when we were dating, we talked about the future, he was telling me how much he traveled and that he wanted to go with me some day, but then he said that his retirement he sees himself on the boat on the lake all day every day.  I would’ve known that would be the main goal.  The lesson here is when man tells you something, believe them, listen.  I did not, and now I am in this predicament.  I will go to Europe if that is the last thing I do and he can keep seeing on the couch and watch the same movie for the 20th time, just let me get kids up and running, and I am good to go….

with that, since the most important day is today, I am putting all that behind, and concentrating on today-work, workout,  home, dinner and homework if we have any and the rest is history( but we have to learn from it)

Happy Monday

(pictures are from my dad’s trip)