an observation- the important one I think

As an adult, we learn how to behave in different situations and how to react to them, so the impact will be positive for all involved.  That sounds like a very reasonable believe to me, right? Wrong.  I know that many of us, girls, are very familiar with this scenario. We get home, we get dinner, dishes, kids and their homework taken care off, meanwhile our other half is situated on the couch and watching TV- sounds familiar, right? And some where during all these activities you do ask for help, but the response is simple and alway the same: ” I just came from work, I need to relax (my favorite word)”, or something like:”Oh, you need help, what do you want me to do?” Love it, makes my skin crawl.  So we go on with our chores and respectively, by bed time we are tiered.  Well, how dare you, they are all relaxed and ready for some action. Really, you have been nothing but a couch potato, driving me nuts, no help from you what so ever, and now you want something from me?

I think that men in general forget that for women everything they say and do prior to bed time, will impact “the bed time”.  If you come into the door after work and would not even get a peck of the kiss, how can you expect anything in return? We want to be adored, we need attention, we need to feel emotions, and please make an effort to listen how our day was, not just turn on your computer while we trying to tell you. 

From the amount of advertisements it looks like women can get enough and men can’t deliver.  But I think women just need more romancing and men should get in touch with their feminine inside and there will be less need for pharmaseuticals.  Is that too much to ask?  I don’t know about everybody, but for me everything impacting my mood, so I just want to point out that a little attention will go a long way.