so broken….

I had been dealing with migraine for  a long time and grew accustomed to just take a pill, sleep it off and move on.  But not long time ago I went to the doctor to find out better ways of dealing with it.

Long and behold medical bills started coming in.  One thing I noticed that they come in the weekend mail or Friday, so just when you get them, there is nobody to talk to at the doctor or insurance offices – why is that? My doctor suggested to get nerve test conducted so we can make sure that there are not pinched nerves in my neck – sounds good, let’s do it.  At the front desk I ask standard question:” Is this covered by my insurance?” and get my standard answer that it is.  What can be better than covered medical expenses – nothing, or may be an ice cream :).  Anyway, 6 weeks go by and I get the bill, and yes, over the weekend, that tells me my insurance did not pay for the most expensive part of the test – what a great news, can i pay for the whole test, please….  From my experience I have learned that I should talk to the provider first.  So I did just that and had been told that insurance denied payment.  Ok, the next stop  is insurance.  Dial, press 3 for customer service-did that, press 5 for billing-did that too, press 2 for question, ok.  Finally I get a person on the other line and we chat.  Come to find out that coding was wrong and according to insurance, the test that was conducted can only be done with a major medical procedure – I need to call the doctor office back and tell then to rebill it with correct codes. Ok, call the doc again and they telling me that the codes are right and insurance need to check their coding.  OMG, really? Who will mediate this? I am getting a migrate from all this now. 

I remember when I was little girl, going to the doctor was never an issue.  We would go to the clinic, yes, we had to wait, but then you go see your doctor, get prescription and you done.  No bills later on in the mail, no insurance to deal with, to deductible to worry or preexisting condition to argue over, it was so simple.  Why this is so hard now?  I pay monthly premium, I pay co-pay, I pay 20% of what ever not covered and deductible – this is crazy.  How can I get it free like some other people who just go to the doctor and get all their needs covered without any addition ” excitement”? Or can I just pay monthly and have so much covered annually where I don’t have to deal with every charge separately.  Just monthly fee and you covered for $ 100K per year – can we do that? Oh, my head……