It’s lunch time

A few days ago I was able to have lunch with my daughter at her elementary school.  It is a treat for her and me because I don’t have many chances to do so.  I brought some lunch for her and set at cafeteria table waiting for her grade to come in.  Long and behold here comes the 5th graders, all hungry and ready to eat.  As a custom, they can have a friend eating with them at the table with parents, so she asked one of her girlfriends.  When I saw what that child was trying to eat, I almost got sick.

They had breakfast for lunch, which should be yam, I would do it any time of the day, breakfast is my favorite meal.  Here is what was on her plate-orange, sweet potatoes fries, wheat pancake and 2 sausage patties.  Should be ok, right? Well, the pancake was so hard that you can drive nail into a wall with it, the sausage was dry and cold, and fries were so few that you can count them on one hand. 

I thought that our kids supposed to be getting all healthy meals now that we have it regulated.  What did I miss?  Correct me if I am wrong, but what is wrong with some chicken noodle soup, or mashed potatoes, or pasta-warm please.  How about we give that to the Washington to eat, I bet their BMI will go drastically down. 

Yes, I do try to pack her lunch, but even with thermos it gets cold, and I want her to have a warm meal-is that too much to ask?  Isn’t bad enough that our kids trail in academics, we can’t even provide good lunches for them-what is wrong with this picture?


and just now ( after lunch) I got a call from school, telling me that my child is sick, and after I spoke to her, she informed me that her hamburger was green……yam…..