it’s a sign

If there is one thing I can count on, it’s that school will continue giving me subjects to write about.

It had been 4 weeks now since school started and boy, we are having fun, literally.  In the fifth grade we are polishing our motor skills by spending time of the math class on cutting papers and then glueing out cut outs to the bigger paper.  The Science-who needs the text books when we can creat our own.  Lets rely on the fifth grader comprehension and attention to be able to take all notes that they need for any farther testing- and please, don’t forget to work on your motor skills-cut and paste, cut and paste. And also,parents, please get something for the prize basket, because we are doing our work in “stations” and need some toys to award to kids. School should be like a play ground, all together, all the same, and nobody will be responsible for the work-it’s a joint effort because we really want to get kids ready for the middle school, where they can sink at their own paste.

Do I sound nuts? Yes, I do. Why you might ask? Well, because I have to express my excitement about school somehow.  Why are we wasting time on cutting instead of working the problems?  Homework in the 5th grade for math is 5 word problems for the whole week.  I am not surprised that kids don’t have their basics down.  It looks like our school ( I don’t know about other schools, so chime in and share) have this view of ” Here is the information, kind off and if you, parents, are interested in your kids any education, you teach them the rest and we will continue telling you how great your kid is”.  

I looked in my daughter’s science journal yesterday and was mad all over again.  They are covering matter, energy ( kinetic and potential and converted), atom structure, safety rule in the lab, density, mixtures-all these subjects are on the 3 pages of her journal – how wonderful is it.  when we had first meeting with teachers and they told us that there will be no text-book, I went on Amazon and got her some study material and we were working on it last night.  And I was happy to see that she gets it, she understands, but not from her chicken scratches, but from a regular text-book.

Anyway, I had this crazy idea a few weeks back that may be, I should get with some mothers that are upset as I am and take over the school.  The funny thing though, there is a movie coming out ” Won’t back down” about this kind of the situation – it’s a sign 🙂