I am pretty, oh so pretty, and witty and green….


Last weekend I saw the production of Pinkalicious with my daughter at children’s Theater.  It was wonderful and fun and well done show.  The message was that you have to eat green food or you will end up pink and unable to see any other colors.

Armed with that message, I downloaded a free book from the Amazon-132+ Green smoothie magic and decided to try it out.  The truth being said, I don’t like vegetables in general, so it is a real challenge for me to add them into my diet.  The result of my wandering around in the book and impacted by the show, I made this shake.  Yes, its green and that is progress for me.  Here is the recipe – sort of:     almonds (soaked night before), some water ( as needed), banana, frozen fruit mix of mango, papaya, pineapple, then some spinach and broccoli.  I have to say – it taste like “chicken”…lol, like a banana to me. I do not taste any vegetables there at all and that is very appealing.  And it all fit into my favorite cup…it will be a great, healthy day!!!