How to recover from a heartbreak?

expectation is the root of all heartbreaks

My son had a girlfriend for over a year now and it is an eternity for the teenagers and their parents.  So long a behold, they are no longer together, but prior to breakup plans for homecoming dance were made.  As the result of peer pressure, he went to the dance with her “as friends”.  I did not like that idea but could reason with him not to go.  After he came back to my house on Sunday ( from his dad house), I come to find out that now he has another girlfriend.  Apparently, there were 8 of them in the group and during the night, few breakup took place and not dwelling too much over lost love, they turned to the other for support and “love”.  This instance made me remember one episode on “Sex and the City” show when Charlotte hosted a party where people brought their exes to “trade”, so my son’s homecoming dance was just that kind of the part 🙂  So I guess if you ever need to bounce back-go dancing 🙂