Case of the Monday’s

Case of the Monday’s the whole day….

First of all, I would like to say that my heart goes out to the East cost that is facing Sandy.  I hope that you can keep your family and self safe.


Today was the first day of the book fair at my daughter’s school and I volunteered for that event, just a few hours though, but its better than nothing at all.  It was a stressful few hour and I kept looking at the clock so I can get back to work, not for work, but to get into something more organized.  We had two classes come in and write down their “wish lists”, but a little detail that many kids could not grasp was that you have to have money in order to take a book with you.  So needless to say, there were few tears shad along the way.  I really don’t know how kindergarten teacher do it every day because it was pretty hard to get kids to understand what they have to do.  And I again was reassured that I am not a teacher material.

The other stressful occurence today was my eye doctor appointment.  First encounter with unprofessional behavior was at the front desk.  A lady was setting by the front window and totally ignored me standing right in front of her.  I looked around the front counter and saw the sign in board with my to be doctor name on it.  So I signed myself in- no problem.  Then I held my ID and insurance cards in front of her for good minute or two, guess what she did……..nothing, she did not take them, she did not look at them or me for that matter.  Another girl at the desk took my cards and I told her that I need new patient forms.   As I filled out the paperwork I overheard that the doctor is running an hour  or so late.  I went to the desk and confirmed that it was my doctor.  Great, if I did not listen on the conversation I would be still sitting there.  Then in the form there was a page that was stating that insurance does not cover the eye exam that results in new prescription and it will be out of pocket $30.  Oh, i don’t think so.  I go to the front desk and start asking more questions because I carry vision insurance and why it would not cover the basic services?  Good question, and here is the answer – because it is the medical office and not a regular optometrist.  Lets sum-up the lessons learned today ( even though it is not over)- call your doctor before heading out for your appointment to see if they are on time, ask questions more then once because the answers are convoluted, and do listen on the conversations that other patients have with the front desk because the information might be valuable to you too.

With that, I hope the rest of the week will be uneventful and Sandy will be weak when it makes the landfall.