The day after….


Finally, the long road of election is over and we have the winner, but I still can’t stop thinking of how it will impact us, regular people.  It seems to me that Republican party might want to rethink the way they approach potential votes. Democratic process calles for at least two parties and the way things going – we might not need an election in the nearest future because if Texas goes blue, it is all over.  And the chances of it are pretty high because in the last election the vote was 47/51 and that is close.  I have a hard time identifying with either party because there are aspects on both sides that make no sence to me, like women’s right, education, government assistance, immigration.  Why is it ok for a guy, any guy, to tell me what I should and should not do-not a chance, it is 21st century.  We are educated and can make many decisions for our selves and we don’t need a nab telling us what it should be.  Education – right now we don’t have books in classroom, why? Because of the budget cuts, because our schools don’t have money, but yet, they can do the fund-raising and get iPads – why?  I don’t understand why we are getting 1 iPad for $600 instead of 100 books-where is the common sence?  Another one for education-why is it so expensive to get education? Don’t we want to have our kids better educated and be stronger adults that can run this country of ours or all we want for them is to be a consumer and produce absolutely nothing?  Government assistance – all the technology does not make the agencies “talk” to each other, which creates loop holes all over the map and people find these holes are milking the system from different angles – stop this and may be there will be money in Medicate for people who really need it.  Assistance should not be the way of living from generation to generation, it is temporarily help till you get back on your feet, so it should have its limitations. Immigration – this country was built on immigrants, but there are processes in place to control the process, to make sure that people who come here do so legally.  Now said that, it is ridiculous to think that people who came 20 years ago and still illegal and build their life here should be deported.  They have families that are productive members of our society, you can’t just send grandma back to Mexico, how ridiculous it that.  These people should be treated differently, make them legal, get them pay taxes like everybody else, just review the immigration process for the new comers ( are there many still coming, seams like not so much anymore anyway).

I am not  involved in politics, but I think that we might want to see results of all these talk from both sides of the mouth and may be we need stilettos in the White House.