I should not be, but I am :)

I had a job with a company not too long ago that went through bankruptcy.  This is uneventful event because many companies did/do that to survive.  The question of it being right or wrong is not the one I would like to address here, but none or the less, I want to talk about the few people involved.

When the papers are filed with the courts, certain information becomes public.  4 months prior to filling, our management, including CFO, got us all together and gave us a speech about pay cuts that we all have endure in order to safe our jobs.  Ok, sounds reasonable, we ok with that.  So when private information became public, we learned that 1 month after that speech, management got their cut back and they received bonuses.  Yes, they were awarded for failing the company.  We had never recovered our pay cuts, but they did and then some.  There were few other questionable layoffs of people who recently came back from cancer treatments or sick leaves that CFO and Human resources did.  Long story short, company does not pay their bills still, 2 years after bankruptcy, but they still pay bonuses to the CFO and CEO, how wonderful.  Employees keep talking about it, but nothing changed untill yesterday.  the company that bought that firm out of the bankruptcy finally fired the CFO and CEO, finally they came to their sences, years later.  Why they kept CFO that run company into the ground to begin with we will never know.  So to say that I smiled when I received that message is understatement.  Is it a not a very nice thing to do-probably not, but these people inflicted so much pain on so many other people, that I thin,k its ok to smile when they get what was coming to them long ago.


Happy Friday!!!!

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