I have 7.5 more years to deal with it…..

The wonder world of elementary school erupted today with me in the middle of it.  A few days ago my daughter had a test in math and her score was not great, she got 71.  Yes, she had a passing grade but the same week she took math test over almost the same material in her after school math class and she got 86.  My confusion and frustration became obvious in the emails that I exchanged with her teacher.  All I was trying to get from her is why there is such a difference? May be the atmosphere, may be there are distractions? May be …. ?  Monday I decided to go see the test so I can see what questions she missed and in the front office I  run into the principal.  I figured that probably the better time spend would be talking to her about my concerns and I went for it.  I told her that homework is none existent, that science journal is a joke and practising cutting out in the math class is pathetic in the 5th grade. Ok, may be not pathetic, but I do think its a waste of time to cut out numbers instead of learning.  Anyway, she suggested a meeting with teachers to discuss the issues.  And today we did just that.  Math teacher started with:” I have no concerns about your child”, and that is where you are wrong.  If there were no concerns I would not be there and her grade would not be 71, right?  I asked for more homework and she very firmly told me in front of the principal that she will not give math homework on the same week when there is science homework. WHAT???? WHY NOT????  And that was the straw that broke the camels back…..  Please somebody explain to me why we are doing this to our kids?  Why we are not getting them ready for the middle school where no teacher will care that you have homework in all your classes that is due tomorrow?  Where is the common science?  I just cannot imagine to deal with teachers like that for the next 7 some years on top of dealing with a teenager that is coming my way.  Any surviving tips are greatly appreciated.