Mind Games

I am back to my “couch”, so here we go.  My daughter’s class will be going to a camp for the next three days and I am going with her as a chaperone.  I am very excited about going and having fun, but at the same time I am worried to be around the whole class of 5th grader for 3 days, but it will be fun.  With that being sad, we had a few homework tasks to handle over the Thanksgiving week.  I was working but kept an eye on her for the first 3 days-do you math, read your book, you will have the book report due, I just know it, so get on it.  Yes mom, I am doing it-ok, we are good.  Friday, I am off to the office and tell my husband that she has work left, 2 pages of math and reading. Come back-oh, we only had time to do one page-did you check, well, no, she said she did…. Saturday- I had Holiday bazaar at church that I was selling a few things, the rest of the family at home.  I left the house with the same instructions and came back to the same results. Sunday – Xmas decorations ,blah, blah, blah…. Monday I get a call from my daughter – I have a book report due tomorrow and we, WE, did not finish the book yet. OMG…. I told her she is staying home because she is not responsible for her homework.  Long and behold, her daddy called and talk to her ( my mom home and informs me of that development) and all of the sudden, she is fine. And here where it all started: my husband called me-hey, blah blah, so are you ready for your rip on Wednesday? No, we are not going because of her homework. Oh, then you need to let school know- I will- you need to do it now, so they can find another person to go- Sure thing.  I get home and my child acts like nothing happened. Dinner is done and she is reading her book in the living room while my husband tries to talk to me, he is fishing. So, did you call the school?- yes.- are they going to refund the money?-no, it’s too late for that.- Well, we need to talk.  So we go to a room and shut the door. I said:” are you done playing mind games with me and try to be the bright and shiny armor who saves the day?” He was shocked-what are you talking about? I said:” you spoke to her and promised that you will talk to mom and get it all resolved and the trip is still on.” Oh my, he denied to the point he was out of wards and he is never had shortage of those.  And the fact that later that evening he brought me a glass of wine and was all nice proves that I was right.

It is so hard to be the bad one all the time-do the homework, clean your teeth, wash your hair, no friends, you‘ve been bad, no phone, no computer.  And he gets to be the nice one…..and then he gets to joke at my expense and tells me to relax, it’s just a joke.  But if I say something that hurts his feelings – I am cruel and cold person.   I feel like packing my bags sometimes because it emotionally and physically tiring.