Dear American Airlines……

Dear American Airlines, I had a wonderful few days in New York over the past weekend. Did a lot of walking and saw fun and inspiering places, talk to great people and enjoyed the food that the city had to offer.  My uplifted mood was shit on at the airport when I try to get on the earlier flight. Thank you very much for btihning me back to reality.
As a responsiable traveler, I checked in 24 hours before the flight.  When I got to the airport, I found out the if an earlier flight. On my way to the security check point, your employee turned me away because my bag was too big.  I flew with the same amount of things in as I was flighing out, but your very curtious employee did not wanted to hear it.  So I went to the counter to che k my bag and asked the guy at the AA desk if any seats available- yes he told me,  but for some unknown to me reasons,he could not check me in to that flight and he told me that I should talk to somebody at the gate. Ok, off I go to the gate and the dude at the gate was more than happy to take my $75 for switching but that bag will not be moved…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME. YOU WANT ME TO PAY $75 TO GET HOME AND THEN SEAT AT THE AIRPORT WAIT FOR MY BAAAAAGGGGGGGGG???????
So, here’s what I learner,first of all- small carry on bag can be your gym bag,the bigger the better, second of all do not check in ahead unless you know you don’t have an option of the earlier flight because your bag will not be moved, and the third …. flight some other airline and save your sanity.