The year in meds


This year is almost over, so I would like to stop and think and may be try to put a number to “what and how many of it” it took for me to survive this 2012. So here we go…..

For the joints support – glucosamine – may be 2 per day, not every day, but  about 150 in total, I know, not very consistent.

migraine – here is the land mind 🙂 Trezix – total of 12ish, Naprelan-20 ish, Aspirin – 100ish

Allergy – 120ish

Acid reflex from migraine pills – acephex – 150ish

Sleep now-need some rest from time to time – 90ish

Relax now – I don’t think I would’ve survived this year without this one, so 150ish in total ( about half the year – ouch)

CoQ10- 200

Feverfew -90


And the total is………….1,001 pills that were working hard this year to keep me strong, sleepy and calm :)……. just saying 🙂