It will be only one this year…..ok, may be two

New Year and we all have some resolutions for the new year and I am not going to abstain from this opportunity.  Weight loss, better diet choices, more exercising – sure, every year.  But this year will be different and I am making only 2 resolutions.

First one is to get better organized.  Every month I will pick a small area that needs a little more attention and I will work on it.  This month I will clean my email Inbox from all emails that have no interest to me, I will UNSUBSCRIBE from information that does not inspire.  My Inbox will be clean off junk emails and offers that negatively impact my budget diet.

And the second resolution of the year is very simple – I will compliment at least one person a day.  In the past when somebody told me that they liked my shoes, purse, dress, whatever, my day all of a sudden got better, and I want to make that my resolution-brighten up somebody’s day, every day.

And with that… Happy New Year to all and I hope that it will be a better, less stressful year for all of us in terms of what important to each one!!!