It is so fascinating how language works.  Looking at words we were tought to break them down to understand the meaning, but sometimes the results are not the same as the reality for that word. This one word kept  popping up in my head the whole day and decided to go and explore why that might be,etc… and Google it of course.

If we look at the word broken up we see pre- as before – it does not make us feel awkward or uncomfortable.  Then we see meditate – and it’s great because who does not need a moment to themself, to look inside and “review” yourself, we know we at least need to do that once in the while, I do.  And this is the peaceful word, we think of chiming music on the back ground, sounds of running water stream and birds chirping – serenity comes over us in the word “meditate”. OM….

So with these parts separated, we might come to conclusion premeditated would be something before the “serenity”, before finding the center.  But the reality is when you look in the dictionary, it paired up with murder, done deliberately, planned in advance, it spreads darkness and pain.  Makes me think about people, when two individuals are great separately, but when combined together, there is not much but darkness and pain…… I am mumbling……