This drama is way too yearly…..

Last night I had dinner with ladies I went to 5th grade camp with a few months ago.  We had a wonderful time talking about college life, cosmetic surgeries ( for some reason it was boob reduction dominated conversation), and of course we could not stay away from the subject of our kids.

I found out that a girl from the 5th grade set up an Instagram account associated with school and started matchmaking on the web of 5th graders.  In the process, kids started to assume that another girl, lets call her Kate, did that.  Kate did not and her mom got on there and said that she will take it to the principal of the school to find out who did that.  Then this other girl came clean about doing that.  Some of the pictures received comments and they were not pleasant.  One kid, who was “matched” with the school bully went ballistic on there, he used all obscenity words that you can think off.  Ladies at the table know his mother and where so upset because of that and they were planing on telling her.  I could not believe that it was the 5th grade we were talking about.  It is High School drama, not elementary. Where did the innocence go?  I was so happy that I took, or at least I think I did, my daughter off of it.  They are not old enough to handle this or any other social media.  They are too too young to know how to react.  Kids grow up way too fast nowadays and it scares me.

I don’t have to tell you how glad I am that I went to that camp and became friends with mom’s who are involved in their kids lives, so important to know what is going on, it is so critical in this fast-moving world of ours.