The power of 10

Cool head always prevail and I have to remember this more often than not.  In general I either react too strong or I get lost for words and have nothing to say in return when being pushed around. The following is email exchange between my other half and I. Feel free to judge

-FYI you are at max on data, showing you alone using 67% of the entire data plan up on your number and we are about to go over today if we all do not stop before midnight!
1. I want to bitch him out for being ugly
3. I am not responding to this
6. I should not leave it as is, it should be addressed
7. I will get him, just give me a minute
9. I am responding:” I am assuming you ment to say:” Hey
sweetie, I know you enjoying your shows and I like them too, but we should be a
little more careful because our data plan can handle only 6GB.  xo”
10. He responds:” You are right, sorry baby. I really do need
to word things with more of the love I feel”
…. that was  little too much cheese for me, but I will take this apology 🙂
This is too hard, relationship should be easier than this.In a book somewhere I read that the word is not a bird, once it flies away, you can’t catch it.
Count to 10 and then response for your own sanity.