Back to the basics with an old accessory :)

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot had been happening,but overall I know I am in a better place.  It is amassing what information can do to your mood.

In the past few weeks my son got a job, which I am very proud of him following through ( I did push, but just a little) and he will be getting his first paycheck in the next two weeks.  He was pretty disappointed to find out that 1/3 will be gone to pay for taxes, but that is the reality. Still, very proud.

My little one has been doing great in school and I am losing the control a little, but just a notch.  I think she is ready to be a “big” girl, do her work on her own..YES

A few year ago I bought a wide black belt, but could not find what to wear it with and my mom kept telling me, every time I put it on, that it did not look good.  And I found it funny because she found the belt for me in the first place :).  But today, I have a pink shirt, black skirt, and black pumps, and my belt, and I feel as the sky is the limit.

A small side note, when I was driving to the office, the belt was pushing on some “other” accessory that has a wire and it was super uncomfortable.  This brought me to think about how we dress and it’s impact on our behavior.  The belt made me more aware of some “protecting winter padding” that I have and probably should work on.  And it unintentionally drove me to  make better choices for breakfast and lunch, so as it “holds” the padding in, it helps me to eat better, win win. I guess it goes with the same theory about corsets, that they help you loose weight because you just simply don’t have room.

On that tight note, have a great weekend.

P.S. I hope we have some wind, I would love to fly kite again this weekend-so much fun