So proud

I just wanted to share that my son is going to the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security in Washington DC.  It will be his first trip by himself and I am nervous rack.  I wish i can go there too, but I know, I know, should let him grow up at some point.  He was packing last night-it is so funny to see a teenage boy packing – shorts, shirt, slacks-done.  Oh my, no, you do need a little more than that dear, you will be gone for 6 days.  I am wondering, should I put him name on his close-lol.

It will be awesome and I know he will have a great time there and might even work harder on getting some scholarships for going to college away from home, who knows, because as of now, he is not searching very hoard ( not that I am complaining 🙂 ).  I am very proud of his accomplishments, I am so blessed with him.