…did you hear that?

I always believe that woman’s intuition is a substitution for the information and many of us follow our gutt feeling, and i should’ve been doing that yesterday.  Instead, I let my husband interfere into my plans that were made three weeks ago and I paid for it.

My son had scheduled his driving test for yesterday in a specific DPS location.  Nowadays, you really have to get out there and book 3, so you will not be without in case you need to retake it.  Anyway, he got up at 5 am to go to DPS and my husband decided to chime in on it: why so early, where you going,don’t go to that location, go to the other one, it will be faster.  I should’ve listen to my gutt and not my husband and went to the location we had an appointment with.  We made it to the “empty” DPS office, and we were the first and only people there, but they would not take us because we did not have the appointment.  I knew it was useless to argue with them, so off we went to the one where we had an appointment.  The result was the same, but the stress was unnecessary, and I should’ve known better.

Then also yesterday i took my car for a service and I was told that in 1.5 hours my car will be ready.  initially I was going to take  loaner and do my errands, but over thought the issue and decided not to do it and just wait.  2.5 hours later and almost late to pick my daughter I got out of the dealership.  Again-should’ve listen to my gutt.

So at the end of the day, after 2 incidents of should’ve could’ve would’ve, I found myself at another dealer looking for a car for my son.  The deal is great, he likes the car, but guess who is not sold on it….. my other half, of course.  The need of controlling every decision is so overpowering that common sence has no room left in that brain.  But this time, I will be listening to my gutt and I will be getting this car, because our gutt does not have an alternative motive.