Fresh start


What is the saying “Out with the old, in with the new”? Well, that is exactly what happened to me recently.  My old “friend” left me.  I was upset at first, did not know what to do, but then I realized that it is spring, new beginning, new adventures, and new relationship.  So I picked myself up and went on the search for all these new things.  Long and behold I found it.  I have a new “friend”.

The new relationship started out pretty strong.  We really understand each other.  Being nicely equipped just ads to the equation.  The smooth moves are impeccable and extremely effective.  The results of this relationship are very healthy and energetic.  I am running like 20 years old for the entire day-it is just simply wonderful.  Healthy relationship is hard to find and when you do, hold on to it with both hands.  I truly feel that we are in complete unison, just one touch, and the results are incredible.

I love my new juicer.  I juiced everything in sight, from spinach to apples to grapefruits and carrots.  It is powerful and quiet at the same time. But like every relationship, requires maintenance.