..oh no he did not…..

phoneI call the house today and nobody answered, so the recording came on.  Just to point out, I had the message recorded before, but now, my other half re-recorded.  Ok, fine, doe not matter, but only to the certain point.  Here is the message:” Hello, you have reached XXXX residence, leave your name, number and why ta heck you were calling”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I called him immediately and demanded the change of that recording.  Call me crazy, but I don’t want people assume I have no manners, seriously.  He thought it was cute. Are you for real? If you think it is cute, use it on your own cell phone, I don’t want to be associated with that rudeness.  Can you imaging Sunday school teacher calles and hears this?  The sad part that in general, people should be progressing and here we have clearly a regression…