Last night I went to my girlfriend’s house for an Arbonne show.  I knew what I was walking into and it was not a shocker to me.  The girl who selling the product already approached me before and I thought I politely declined, but last night, it became obvious to me that the message was not received.  I admire women who can do these ventures and be happy at working their own businesses and have fun doing so, but it is not me.  I prefer stability and to know that my paycheck will come at the end of the week.  That being said, I still find myself playing with an idea of doing something like that, but my “security and rational” side tells me it’s not a good idea.  And I really don’t want to be rude about my decision, I just want some understanding of where I am coming from and I don’t like to be pressured.  How can I let her down gentler then just saying no? Because obviously, not replying to an email will not cut it, she will keep asking.  Oh, what a girl to do? ( I know that ignoring an email will not solve an issue,  so maybe, one day, I will have to pick up the phone, call her, and explain myself).